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Venuement is a venue platform for private events working with over 120+ unconventional venues like cocktail bars, breweries, restaurants and others in Toronto.

1. From All Types of Different Venues

  • Over 150+ unique cocktail bars, lounges, galleries, coffee shops and other unique venues for private events

  • Alcohol specialties & delicious appetizers - Cocktail specialists, beer guru, authentic Italian cuisine and other specialties to customize your event!

2. Get a Venue Recommendation

  • Filtered from over 150+ venues to customize your event

  • To get a venue recommendation - click here


3. Save Money on Venue Rental, Right Away

  • Minimum Spend Venues - Rent out a bar or restaurant through min spend on drinks & food

    • Immediately save $2,000 - $5,000 on flat venue rental fee

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