How to Rent out a Bar for Private Event

Minimum Spend Venues

Rent out a bar through $X,000 minimum spend on food and drinks, and the whole venue is yours!

Step 1 - Get The Basics Down

  • # of Guests

    • At least 50-100 people are the best for minimum spend buyouts

    • More guests that come, the cheaper it is per person!

  • Day of Event (weekend vs. weekday)

    • Weekends are more expensive than weekdays

      • Saturday buyouts tend to be cheaper than Friday

    • “Time & Duration”

      • Full-Night Buyout (until 2am) cost significantly more than Partial Buyout (until 9/10pm, due to the evening rush.

  • Budget

    • Average $50 - $70++ min spend per person on food & drinks

    • Make sure to account for gratuity as well!

      • The standard is 18-20% for most venues. This goes straight to the bar staff.

      • If you rent through cash-bar, the gratuity may be less but the min spend may be higher.

        • *If you are the event organizer for a cash-bar event, you will be personally responsible for paying out the difference if your group does not reach the min spend.

Step 2 - Find a Venue or Get a Recommendation

Step 3 - Check for Availability

  • Make sure you give yourself plenty of time. At least 1-2 weeks notice is required to secure a booking.

Get Started.